Welcome to the Museum of Byzantine Culture

In the Museum the visitor can visit the 11 galleries of the permanent exhibition and can travel back to the world of Byzantium through thematic sections concerning the daily private and public life, worship and the burial customs, architecture and art, the commercial and business activity. He/she can discover the continuity and the relationship between past and present.
The audiovisual material and the touchscreens, which frame the main exhibition, inform on more special issues. In that way the visitor can have a complete picture of the Museum’s history, of the organization of the exhibition and of the management of the archaeological material, from the excavation to the Museum, until the final presentation. Furthermore he/she can learn things relating to the history of Museums internationally.

Opening Hours

1st November 2022 until 31st March 2023

08:30 – 15:30

general admission: 4€


1st April 2023 until 31st October 2023

08:00 – 20:00

general admission: 8€
reduced: 4€


Museum address
2 Stratou Avenue
54640 Thessaloniki


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