Conservation Workshop of Metals

The main tasks of this workshop are the works of conservation and restoration of coins and metallic artifacts. The metallic artifacts, which constitute part of the Museum’s collections, come from excavations inside the city of Thessaloniki and of course from excavations done in its broader region.

The skillful handling during the cleansing of a coin, found in an excavation, reveals the letters and the representations on its both sides. The same procedure, when is implemented on a metallic artifact of different kind, it reveals ornamental elements and other details with historical importance.

The main method of cleansing is mechanical. The special microtools of the dental wheel are mainly used. Subsequently, where there is a need, materials are completed and glued. The protection of the coin or the artifact with the use of a special varnish follows. The separate procedure for each artifact is recorded and together with the photographs and designs, which accompany it, constitute part of the workshop’s archive.

In the archaeological storerooms, in permanent and temporary exhibitions and also in the conservation workshop of metals preventive control of the conservation status of the artifacts is conducted.

For the artifacts, which go to temporary exhibitions in Greece and abroad, “condition reports” are written. In the workshop’s rooms guided tours for pupils, students and researchers are carried out. Moreover, undergraduate students of the conservation science make their practice there.

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