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Sakkos of the Bishop of Melenikon Ioannikios

Precious prelatical vestment, consisting of silk fabric embroidered with gold and silver threads. In front there are winding vine shoots with grapes, ending in oval medallions, into which the Apostles are depicted. Enthroned Christ Pantocrator and the Annunciation are depicted in large central panels. On the reverse side is depicted the theme of the genealogical tree of Christ, known as the “Tree of Jesse” according to the prophecy of Isaiah. Jesse is represented lying at the base of the sakkos and from him grows a vine, the branches of which end up in the forms of the prophets and forefathers. Higher is depicted the Virgin Mary seated on a throne, which is holding in her arms the infant Christ. At the top there is a golden two-headed eagle in the middle of which is inlaid an oval medal with colorful enamel showing the Holy Trinity. Tiny gold-embroidered inscription informs that the sakkos belonged to the bishop of Melenikon, Ioannikios and that it is the work of Christophoros Zefar.



ΒΥΦ 58


Prelatical Vestment


18th c. (1745-1753)


Height 133.5cm; width 65 cm

Material of Construction

Silk, linen, gold and silver



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