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Music Manuscript (Divine Liturgies)

The paper codex has binding in leather; it is decorated with the scenes of Christ’s Crucifixion and the Enthroned Virgin Mary and Christ; it numbers 132 sheets with the Divine Liturgies of John Chrysostom, Basil of Caesarea and the Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts of Gregory Dialogus.  The full-page miniature of each Church Father, represented in full-length with liturgical garments and an open scroll, precedes the Divine Liturgy that he had written. The codex is dated in 1637-1638, while in the bibliographical note Anthimos from Ioannina is mentioned as its writer. Anthimos was a student of Luke the Cypriot, a well-known writer. Six codices preserved in the libraries of the Mount Athos monasteries, and the Patriarchates of Constantinople, Alexandria and Jerusalem are also attributed to Anthimos. These are exceptional samples of the renaissance in calligraphy that is developed among the monastic circles of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the early 17th century.



ΒΧφ 8


Paper codex




Height 22 cm; Length 16 cm

Material of Construction


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