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While you might be tempted to start with a Google search, we recommend you begin with personal references. If you know any other successful small business owners, send them a quick email asking for recommendations. The breadth of internet-based options will likely only overwhelm you—and possibly leave you stagnated by information overload—so pinging your personal circle is a wise first step. Huddleston Tax CPAs specializes in small business accounting in Washington state. We can not only prepare your taxes, but help you plan year-round so you can maximize profits and capitalize on business deductions.

If a more ad-hoc service is best for you, make that one of your checklist components so you can narrow down your candidates by their flexibility. If you want to evaluate your business or looking for ventures to purchase, we provide small business valuation reports, weighing pros and cons; costs and earnings. If you want a fair market estimation of your business, then look toward our valuation reports. Not only can we help you evaluate your business, but we can help find ways to make it more valuable.

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Twenty-three percent of small business owners said inflation was their top problem, up three points from January, when labor quality was the chief concern. If you want to make the smartest possible decisions for your business, you’ll need a knowledgeable financial resource. At System Six, we marry accounting and financial services with a nuanced understanding of service operations. When businesses grow, so does the importance and complexity of its accounting needs. Using a professional accounting consultant to assess your current cashflow can help you expand to the present and projected growth of the business.

  • Greenwood Ohlund & CO. has been operating for nearly four decades, providing certified public accounting services in Seattle and the surrounding area.
  • Our expert team manages payroll for small businesses, taking care of employee tax withholdings, direct deposits, and payroll tax filings.
  • For an accurate price estimate, request quotes from several certified public accountants (CPAs) near you.
  • Minar Northey is a certified public accountant firm operating in Seattle.
  • Clients appreciate their efficiency, reliability, and professionalism.

Overall Office Solutions is a Kent business that has been serving small businesses for over seven years. The business offers bookkeeping services and packages are basic bookkeeping, mid-level bookkeeping seattle bookkeeping, and advanced bookkeeping. Overall Office Solutions also offers stand-alone services which include notary services, payroll processing, reconciling, and QuickBooks set-up.

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More customers and employees means more complex accounting and tax filings. If you’re looking at a healthy growth trajectory for the next year, find a small business accountant today. If you are spending time reconciling statements and processing invoices instead of strategizing for growth or making pivotal hiring decisions, consider searching for an accountant.

We have the expertise to utilize all of the different methods available for reducing costs. This allows you as the business owner to focus your energy on sales, marketing, operations and delivering value to customers rather than back-office accounting duties. Bookkeeping allows you to not only file your taxes more easily but could also mean the difference between having potential investors and receiving loans. Your business will be taken more seriously if your books are in order. If you’re having trouble getting started or would like your books to be tidied up, contact us for more information. When we meet with our clients, we want to make sure we evaluate their needs accurately and provide the information they need to succeed.

Small business accountant in Seattle, Washington

With more than 12 years of accounting experience, Dimov and his firm have served retail, biotech, M&A consulting, real estate, and manufacturing industries. Miss Bookkeeper is a Kirkland business that has been providing bookkeeping services to small businesses in the Greater Eastside area, Snohomish County, and Seattle for over two years. The business offers basic bookkeeping, advanced bookkeeping, start-up service, tune-up service, and QuickBooks set-up, training, and support. Bookkeeping services include payroll, invoicing, budgeting, billing and vender payments, transaction entry, financial statements, and tax filings. Linda M. Teachout, CPA, PLLC is a Shoreline business that has been serving individuals and businesses in the Greater Puget Sound area for over five years. The business’s commercial services are cash flow and budgeting, tax preparations, financial statements, tax compliance, and payroll services.

seattle small business accountant

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